Rant – What I Can’t Stand About Social Media.

I was in the fourth grade when I first made my Facebook account.

Granted, it was for a school project. But me and my entire classmates started the revolution that was ‘get the entire fourth grade to make a Facebook’. And it worked.

Having a Facebook back then (lol just 2009) was a great way to connect with my friends over the summer. Then when I was in the eighth grade, my mom joined. I blocked her.

Now, it’s 2014. I currently have around 9 active social medias, 4 of which I use daily.

Let me start with Twitter. Twitter is a place where you can type your thoughts and feelings. In 150 characters. Most people use Twitter as a diary. For example, here are a few tweets from people I follow:

“So tired of everything and everyone.”

“My dad is giving me a hard time because I’m sick and didn’t want to run errands”

“Jack just accidentally punched a baby at the airport”

“But don’t worry, he apologized”

There’s an example of what I read on my Twitter Timeline (If you don’t have a twitter, a timeline is like Facebook- it shows the ‘status updates’.) Some tweets can be hilarious (punching a baby? How does that even happen?) and some tweets can be very negative. And I don’t want to read negative things on Twitter, yet people feel the need to share their moods with the world. Then on Twitter, comes the cyberbullying. “Sub tweeting” is when a person tweets a tweet about a person, but doesn’t exactly put their name in it. Here’s a few examples of “sub tweets”:

“k seriously don’t even text me if you won’t reply”

“bipolar muchhhh”

“Stop. Talking. You. Are. Annoying.”

The thing I don’t like about sub tweeting, is it can turn into another form of cyber bullying. And people can realize if the person is tweeting about them. It can be hurtful.

Instagram is somewhat less annoying. You can post pictures and videos, which brings me to #Selfie.

A “selfie” is when a person posts a photo of themselves. Or sometimes with multiple people. In a way, it is a beautiful thing- people feel confident enough to post a picture of themselves and put it up on the internet where people can judge themselves. But just remember- “Selfie. Self. Self Obsessed.”

And that, is what I can’t stand about social media. People are abusing it. It should be another way for you to connect with friends and family, and the world around you too. Not for you to post depressing statuses and upload too many selfies. If this world wasn’t so obsessed with social media, cyber bullying rates would decrease. People would be outside more, getting exercise. Let me sum it up:

Less Tweeting more Reading.

Less Instagramming More Exercising.

XOXO, Chloe.

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